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Your Emotions
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Your business decisions are influenced by your emotions. Make sure they guide you to the right opportunities.

Competent decision making:

It's knowing how to quickly identify the opportunity in the challenge

Identifying the impacts, accessing the alternatives and determining the best available option requires validation that your emotions and beliefs are aligned with the real issues. Neuroscience tells us that we cannot make a decision without emotion. It is therefore necessary to understand the elements that contribute to moving from reaction to action in order to transform the perception of a challenge into an opportunity.

With these tools and knowledge :


Neuroplasticity is knowing how to reprogram your brain in order to have a better assessment of your real needs, stressors and behaviors.


Today's success depends on adaptability, openness, empathy, resilience and self-confidence. In other words, emotional intelligence (EQ).


MJ has been trained to provide its clients with expertly created scientific tools that combine innovative methods with psychometric reliability.

Your team grows individually and accomplishes together!

Toxic climate at work

for ETI & GE

Your company just got the results of your latest HR survey. Of particular concern is the decline in employee confidence in leadership and the toxic climate reported in some departments. MJ has developed a solution that addresses both issues at the same time.

Measurement of executive emotional quotient (EQ) and leadership style. EQ measurement of the target team.

Analysis of the HR survey and the results of the EQ and Leadership Style tests. The team's results remain confidential and the results will be given individually.

Meet the collaborative needs of a team with a 15-hour training course adapted to the results of individual tests and during which the IE will be developed.

When deemed appropriate, MJ guides the leadership in the implementation of best management practices. E.g.: Active participation in certain meetings between a leader and her employees so that she can share her management expertise.


FOR: CEO, Vice President or Director and their teams.

ETI - Company with 250 to 4999 employees/GE - at least 5000 employees)

A total of approximately 35 hours spread over a period of 3 to 12 months (depending on operational agendas).

  • 1 Strategic Meeting of 2 hours
  • 2 Hours for HR Survey Analysis
  • 1 Meeting for Operationalization 
  • 5 Group meetings (6 participants max.) of 2 hours (bi-monthly) 
  • 1 Hour of Preparation per group meeting
  • Measurement of participants' EQ
  • Leadership Style Measure 
  • 2 to 3 meetings for follow-up while respecting confidentiality
  • On Demand: Leadership Mentoring 

Method of payment: spread over the duration of the support.

*Telecommunications used for individual meetings will be adapted to the client's needs (Team, Skype, Presential etc.)

The objective is to restore the employees' trust in their management while restoring a healthy climate. To achieve this, it is necessary to create a safe space in which, while developing the EQ of the participants, it will be possible to target the needs that affect trust and that can be a source of conflict. It will then be possible to move positively into action.

Conflicts in the team

For SMEs & VSEs

Too much tension between individuals in a team impairs communication, which hinders business intelligence. By integrating concepts that sharpen the emotional intelligence of individuals and by prioritizing their needs appropriately, it becomes possible to redirect everyone's attention towards the success of the organization.

Aligning the mission and the role of the team members allows to optimize the actions related to the entrepreneurial success.

Understanding the underlying individual needs reveals the source of conflict and the potential for achievable goals.

Discover how emotions affect decision making through judgment, ego and beliefs in order to make decisions that are aligned with the real issues


FOR: Contractor, Vice President or Director and their teams.

(Company with 1 to 250 employees)

A total of 15 hours spread over a period of 3 months (depending on operational agendas).

  • 1 Meeting with the CEO
  • 5 Group meetings of 2 hours (bi-monthly) 
  • 1 Hour of preparation per meeting
  • Identification of the mission
  • Identification of needs and actions
  • Teaching in relation to emotional intelligence
  • Mentoring on good management practices
  • Report given during the meetings.

Method of payment: spread over the duration of the support.

*Telecommunications used for individual meetings will be adapted to the client's needs (Team, Skype, Presential etc.)

The sessions will be done in a group setting and participants will be identified during a preparatory meeting. You will find that in a safe space, sources of conflict will be transformed into solutions without blame.


Awakened Leadership Program

The main themes in 2022 in which a visionary leader excels are the following*: reasoning and trend analysis, materialization of ideas, moral and personal qualities. The following intrinsic dimensions are required: openness to new things, originality, sensitivity, empathy, non-conformism and self-confidence. Most of these dimensions can be found in a competent EQ . Discover the Awakened Leadership programs.

*Yannick Farmer, full professor in communication ethics at UQAM, research published in 2022, Prudence, Ethics and Anticipation in Visionary Leaders.

General intelligence (IQ) is important for problem solving, however, it is most beneficial when combined with emotional intelligence (EQ). This combination results in better judgment and decision making. Since 2020, the bar is high and as an elite, you must not only understand the new goals but also the human in all its dimensions. It is crucial that you know how to contribute to the development of exceptional teams that grasp the common goal.

Understanding your own paradigm is essential to developing your EQ. It is impossible to remain globally successful if you do not understand how your beliefs influence your decisions, as well as your ability to develop solutions that contribute to the organization. More than 80% of our beliefs have been unconsciously imposed on us, so they are likely to be both maladaptive and outdated. Let's make sure together that they are in line with the current reality, in order to access your full leadership potential.

There are those behaviors that you judge. You need to know that these are driven by beliefs and emotions. If you don't know the techniques to separate the beliefs and emotions from the behaviours, in order to understand what drives the behaviours, you won't be able to develop the resilience or empathy necessary to target the appropriate action; the one that bridges the gap between the reality of the individual and the reality of the organization.

MJ has chosen to combine mentoring with coaching techniques. As a leader herself for over 20 years, she has experienced how sharing relevant experiences can become a valuable asset for the executives being coached. The objective is to create a climate of respect for oneself, others and the organization, while being committed to finding ethical solutions for all.


FOR: That leader who doesn't have the luxury of not being a visionary leader: Entrepreneur, CEO, Vice President, Executive Director AND Member of an elite team.

A total of 30 hours spread over a period of 3 to 6 months.

  • 5 Individual meetings of 3 hours (bi-monthly) 
  • 1 Hour of preparation per meeting
  • 10 hours for validation and strategic support (over a period of 6 months)
  • Identification of stressors 
  • EQ measurement
  • Leadership Style Measure 
  • One year after the end of the program, new measurement of EQ and Leadership Style, evolution of stressors
  • Notebook with notes (pdf format)
  • Book "80 hours a week, when hyper performance becomes toxic"

Method of payment: spread over the duration of the support.

*Telecommunications used for individual meetings will be adapted to the needs of the client (Team, Skype etc.)

The sessions are completely confidential and the program will not be used to determine the leader's competence with the organization. It is to provide a space in which he can develop with impunity. The leader will then judge the relevance of continuing the program and the organization will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement to this effect. The measurement of the EQ test during and one year later will be used to validate whether the program has contributed to the development of its EQ.


Group program

MJ has transformed the Awakened Leadership program into a group format. Developing a common language and EQ of participants helps address those relational or operational issues that can affect the performance of your leadership team. They learn to cultivate solutions together that are ethical for all.

Executive emotional quotient (EQ) measurement, leadership style, and stressors.

Analysis of the participant's test results and during a consultation, awareness and personalized advice.

Sharing of knowledge related to leadership, emotional intelligence and neuroplasticity, allowing individuals to access their own capacity to remain successful.

Meet the collaborative needs of a team with a 15-hour training course tailored to the results of individual tests and which helps develop the EQ of individuals.


FOR TEAM OF: Executive Vice President, Vice President, Executive Director, Director.

A total of approximately 20 hours per participant (maximum of 6 participants per group) spread over a period of 3 to 6 months (depending on operational schedules).

  • Measuring EQ, Leadership Style and Stressors
  • 1 Individual and confidential meeting of 2 hours to discuss the results
  • 5 EQ Development Group Meetings (max. 6 participants) of 2.5 hours (bi-monthly) 
  • 1 Hour of preparation per meeting
  • 10-hour bank to address the needs and questions of individuals between group meetings

Method of payment: spread over the duration of the support.

*Telecommunications used for individual meetings will be adapted to the client's needs (Team, Skype, Presential etc.)

Developing the EQ of your executive team allows them to grow individually and shine as a team; in the right way, at the right time and for the right reasons.

Strategist | Leadership, Engagement and Psychological Health in the Workplace