A competent executive
demonstrates Executive Presence and Emotional Intelligence.

It's now possible to measure a leader's executive presence. And what if I told you that, as a result of this measurement, the development required to display high-growth leadership is linked to having a good strategic business vision and high emotional intelligence.
Would that surprise you?

M-J Michaud, Leadership strategist, Executive coach and Specialist in psychological health at work

M-J prepares your current and future leaders to successfully take on
the role of executive.

Using the following programs :

Development of
emotional intelligence (EQ)

A competent emotional quotient enables your executives to be influential and mobilizing leaders. They will develop critical and analytical thinking skills and they will also be able to create this healthy climate in which complex problem-solving and innovative ideas are possible.

Development of
executive presence (EP)

Executive presence is the ability to influence, engage, align, mobilize and inspire people to act. It's also about giving yourself the chance, as a senior executive, to discern your organization's real needs and move towards its vision while meeting its mission. 

How to preserve your
mental health (SM)

Can a leader returning to work following a depression or burn-out and who is part of your executive succession plan take on new challenges? Absolutely, but certain criteria need to be present to find a new equilibrium in which this leader can perform.


Why are these development topics important for an executive?

According to the World Economic Forum's "Future of Jobs" report, emotional intelligence, social influence, creativity and analytical thinking are among the ten skills that need to be developed to face the current fourth industrial revolution. In addition, the WHO's 2022 report on mental health highlights the importance of supporting the return to work of those facing mental health challenges.

M-J's programs are the solution and the know-how for these recommendations!

Developing your Talents
takes time and

Once your executive succession plan is ready, don't wait. Develop their emotional intelligence first, then their executive presence. As soon as they are appointed, they will be able to generate success for your organization and, for over 60% of them, avoid dismissal after only 18 months in office.

You're an expert in your field, so why should you prepare to become an executive?

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Impact of emotional intelligence and executive presence


IS IT TRUE that emotional intelligence is important for organizations?

IS IT TRUE that executive presence is important for a leader?


Leadership Strategist and Executive Coach,
Occupational Health Specialist, Speaker and Author

The combination of almost twenty years' experience as a production leader in large organizations and over ten years as an entrepreneur means that MJ understandsyour reality. This experience, combined with expertise in EQ development, executive presence and psychological health in the workplace, enables her to offer realistic and effective solutions.


Addressing performance while maintaining a healthy organizational climate

Knowing that it is one by one that we succeed in creating a high-performance and psychologically healthy work climate, M-J's mission is to provide nfluential individuals in an organization with the tools and knowledge necessary to create this organizational jewel where everyone can shine and be fulfilled!

A book
written by m-J

Perform without losing your health by avoiding anxiety or depression

If you are afraid to return to work after an extended absence, if you doubt your abilities in important areas of your life and if you believe that you must be perfect, this book is for you.