Who is MJ?

My mission

Addressing performance while
preserving a healthy work environment

Knowing that it is one by one that we succeed in creating a high performing and psychologically healthy work environment, MJ's mission is to provide the influential individuals in an organization with the tools and knowledge to create this organizational jewel where all can shine and achieve!


Author of the book 80 hours a week, When hyper-perfomance becomes toxic, M-J is a well-known and respected consultant in human resources mobilization and psychological health at work. She first accumulated more than 17 years of experience as a production leader in various fields before turning to consulting. For more than a decade, various organizations have considered her to be a person who is able to understand the nuances of their sector of activity when it comes to problem solving.

M-J's mission is to address the reality of organizations facing a perceived toxic work environment. She uses different approaches in consulting, training and development related to leadership and emotional intelligence. Backed by two certifications in applied neuroscience, M-J offers tangible solutions adapted to the reality of organizations.

The world of work continues to transform and leaders must more than ever develop their ability to be visionary, open to new ideas, resilient, empathetic and globally ethical. It is these intrinsic qualities that will enable leaders and their teams to meet their own mission; to achieve organizational success while cultivating a healthy climate for all.

M-J's approach works because it helps to develop the EQ of those Leaders who are in hyper performance so that they can continue to perform with their teams, at the right time and for the right reasons.

In 2022, M-J continues to innovate and has adapted to the meteoric growth of VSEs and SMEs since the advent of the Covid-19 crisis. It has therefore set up a specific program that integrates an emotional intelligence component to their business intelligence. Thanks to this program, entrepreneurs learn how to promote conflict-free communications, while targeting the real needs related to the success of their business.

In 2023, M-J is taking its desire to help leaders even further with a new innovation, the : A successful return to work. This program helps leaders who are facing a diagnosis of depression or burn-out to return to work. This innovative program integrates three concepts that have proven their effectiveness in the field of mental health: peer support, mentoring and adapted EQ. Give this important leader in your organization the opportunity to avoid a relapse and to regain and even improve his or her ability to guide your organization towards success.

Is it possible to have a career after having a burn-out or depression? M-J answers this question: click here.

among others...

large-scale programs

  • M-J has created a brand new program in 2023 for leaders: A Successful Return to Work.
  • M-J has deployed its new program for small and medium-sized businesses to help resolve conflict in the workplace while targeting the needs that lead to success.
  • M-J has deployed its EQ development programs to elite leaders and teams in the aerospace, computer and engineering fields.
  • She has developed and successfully implemented a program designed to help leaders better support their employees when they face mental health challenges. The program, called " Manager to Manager ", is aimed at over 3000 managers working at Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). 
  • At the same time, M-J was also responsible for the implementation of a Peer Support Program for over 25,000 employees in collaboration with MHIC, a firm specializing in peer support.

mental health action plan

  • M-J worked with the Mental Health Champion and Director of the Integrity Services Branch (ISB) to develop a strategic and responsive action plan for mental health.
  • M-J created and designed a new survey and methodology (4 Phases) related to the implementation of the Standard. This approach was successfully used to help Sun Life Financial identify their mental health challenges and determine if quick wins could be incorporated into their strategic plan.
  • Using the new survey and methodology developed, she created an action plan for Peel Region paramedics to begin their journey towards the Standard

conferences, workshops and...

  • Conferences and workshops on "How to maintain your own psychologicalhealth at work" and "How to be a collaborativeleader " with the Canadian federal government, the special education sector, union units and at various HR conferences.
  • M-J revised and added emotionally related material to the Peer Support training offered by MHIC. She also co-facilitated this training and was responsible for the roll-out of this program to the federal government, Durham Police and Peel Ambulance.
  • VIP guest at the Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace Gala, celebrating the evolution of workplace mental health in Canada. Mention received in the book: The Evolution of Workplace Mental Health in Canada, by Mary Ann Bayton and Leanne Fournier.

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